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The Tilehurst End Podcast: Episode 103

As Reading snatch a late goal to preserve their unbeaten home run, it's time for the Tilehurst End Podcast crew to take stock of Stam's first three months.

This week's Tilehurst End Podcast sees Wimb, Jonny and Handbags look back on a week that saw Reading bruised but not broken after a thumping defeat to Brentford and a scrappy draw with Derby. 11 games into the Stam era we'll look at how far the club has progressed and what we might be seeing in the months to come.

All that plus tackling your questions in the mailbag and much more.

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The opening and closing theme is Biscuitmen by Violet Class who have recently split. You can still check them out here for their old stuff plus details of new projects.