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Reading FC Snubbed For TV Coverage For Rest Of 2016

If you're an exile hoping to catch Reading on the TV live ... we've got some bad news.

Kerry Marshall/Getty Images

The TV selections for December have been confirmed by Sky Sports and the EFL and it's either good or bad news depending on your circumstances.

If you're a fan who's already got solid plans in your diary based around our winter games, GOOD NEWS, no Reading games will be moved for TV throughout the rest of 2016. However, that's also pretty bad news if you're a fan who can't make it to many games, as you'll have to make do with radio commentary and highlights to watch Jaap Stam's side in action.

Here's a full list of the games selected.

So no Reading games available but if you enjoy watching Newcastle & Aston Villa, you'll be able to see them four times with Brighton, QPR & Norwich also on three times each. Although Reading aren't the only club with no coverage, with Burton, Fulham and a few others also not picked this time around.

Still, on the plus side, it gives fans an easier time planning trips and perhaps gives Stam the chance to continue to fly under the radar.