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Hunty's Column: Bryn, Joy.Division & Reading FC

In his weekly column, Hunty's making connections between Reading players and famous musicians, and building a dream XI of musical talent.

Bryn on air guitar... possibly
Bryn on air guitar... possibly
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

In a week where Donald Trump was elected to be the next president of America and Ian Holloway becomes manager of the Fake Hoops again, we also had to cope with the tragic loss of another musical icon in Leonard Cohen. Following on from losing David Bowie & Prince this year, 2017 can not come round quickly enough for me!

With Reading fans also having to cope with the misery of another international break - and injury to John Swift to top it all - it got me thinking of our players who remind me of musicians past and present!

As a disclaimer, no offence or disrespect is meant by any of these choices, just my opinions! 

Steve Death - Bob Dylan

Both of them Mr Cool Calm and Collected, and icons of the 1970s for so many reasons. Absolute legends.

Chris Gunter- Bernard Sumner (New Order)

If you have a look at Bernard in his early days, he definitely could be the spitting image of Chris, and played at right back during his time with Joy Division and as calm and collected.

Dylan Kerr - Martyn Ware from Heaven 17

He happily admits he was mates with the band going back to the eighties and a cult hero in his time at Reading - proper footballer, proper band!

Martin Hicks

A stalwart through the 70's and 80's just like Noddy Holder from Slade (It's Christmmmmmaaaaassss!) - ever reliable, always consistent and the leader of the team!

Dean Horrix - Marc Bolam

Both such talented free spirits in different fields who were sadly taken from us far too young.

Brynjar Gunnarsson

Years before Ed Sheeran made being a redhead the in thing, Super Bryn was creating nutmegs out of nothing and smashing the Scousers in the FA Cup...

Terry Hurlock

Football's version of Ozzy Osborne - without biting the heads off bats...

Paul Brayson

A north east boy who had all the footballing potential of James Arthur... sadly Arthur made a great comeback this season in the charts, I've got a feeling we might be waiting a bit longer for Brayson's...

Bobby Convey

When he was good he was awesome, sadly only for a short period of time but he was a real Neil Diamond

Robin Friday - Jim Morrison from The Doors

Both cult heroes for their off the pitch activities, and both absolutely spellbinding performers. And with the same hairdresser to boot!

Shane Long

Unless proven otherwise the only one out of this team who has any musical talent of his own, but as he is so used to playing on his own up front it could only be the one and only Shane McGowan who could play the same role .

The team would have to be managed by Brian McDermott or Ian Curtis from Joy Division due to their musical abilities - who needs fantasy football, this would be a cracking squad to work with!

Have a great week, look after yourselves and those close to you!