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Jaap Stam Approval Rating - November 2016 Results

Your belief in Stam continues to grow.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Fourth in the table, three wins in a row - what's not to like? Clearly you're all feeling the same way because this month's rating for Jaap Stam is the highest we've seen during two years of running these polls - a lofty 4.29 out of 5. That's higher that the 4.23 you awarded Steve Clarke in September 2015, just when it looked like we might be surging towards automatic promotion...

Still, it's clear that Stam is building something that could be special, and fans are starting to believe that we could be on the rise again. Sure, bigger tests will come throughout the season than the likes of Wigan Athletic and Rotherham United, but three points are three points, confidence is high, and Reading are on a roll - thanks, mainly, to the big Dutchman.

Thanks for all your votes, as ever - this month's results, as well as a fancy new chart showing all the ratings you've given out in the past, are below. We'll see you around Christmas time to see if you're still loving life under Stam!