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Reading FC 2-0 Nottingham Forest: The Alternative View

After a midweek trip to the Emirates the Royals returned to League action against a struggling Forest side.

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

After a win at Rotherham and a slightly disappointing midweek trip to the Emirates, the Royals returned to the Championship against a Forest team in freefall. Trawling the Twittersphere it’s blatantly obvious that their fans ain’t happy.

A resounding 2-0 win with our customary 60%+ possession stats and a team that you could say didn’t really get out of 2nd gear but a toothless Forest seemed to struggle to cope with Reading’s ex-Nottingham players and for once the curse of the returning scorer wasn’t playing against us.

So after looking at numerous tweets about the game, most of them unusable due to some 'old English' and I failed dismally to find ONE tweet in favour of the current ownership.

So onto the twittersphere and the comments from a slightly upset Forest Faithful


Hindsight's a wonder thing

Every cloud has a silver lining etc...

There's somethings football should leave behind

Should be some good entries on this

The phrase deluded springs to mind

Always rely on Stan sticking his ore in

You can build on this

Gotta love a good quote

Straight to the point


It was a fairly decent performance from the Royals although Stam thought otherwise and we march on to Wigan away on Saturday, another team in threat of relegation, although on Wednesday they announced a new manager so hopefully we won't get the backlash of the the 'trying for a new manager' syndrome.

We are up to 5th - lets be honest we would all take that at this stage of the season. I'm back after the Wigan game with the views of the Latics faithful.