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Build The Perfect Reading FC Footballer: Heart

So far it's been about building a solid base to our perfect Reading footballer but what good is the perfect body without a strong heart?

Tony O''Brien/Getty Images

In last week's poll we asked you whose torso you'd want to add to our perfect Reading footballer, here's how you voted.

Congratulations go to Superman! Now let's move on up and find out whose noble heart would power our Reading FC Frankenstein monster! Here's our shortlist drawn up by TTE's finest.

Simon Cox

TTE Assistant Editor Bucks Royal

Cut him open and he'd bleed blue and white. Simon Cox gave his all for the team, and - unlike so many others - genuinely cared about the club. A great example for future academy graduates.

Kevin Doyle

TTE Assistant Editor WilliamOwain

Phil Parkinson seems too obvious an answer so I went with a player who is famous for his hardwork, team play, was brave even during lean spells and stuck with the club in a rare case of player loyalty after our relegation in 2008.

James Harper

TTE Assistant Editor Royal Hoops

Every time he stepped out onto the pitch he gave his absolute everything for this club.

Noel Hunt

TTE Assistant Editor ThatMarcMayo

Not just for his constant running and workhorse capabilities, but for his attitude and modesty.

Jobi McAnuff

TTE Writer Becka White

Although he was a bit of a journeyman before he came to Reading, McAnuff certainly had a lot of passion. I'll never forget that Play-Off Semi Final win at Cardiff and the celebrations afterwards.

Paul McShane

TTE Assistant Editor Olly Allen

The skipper leads by example every week and shows huge passion and desire out on the field, giving 100% in every performance. Showed against Middlesbrough last season that he can sometimes let his heart get the better of him, but at least it showed he still cared despite the season effectively ending a month previously.

Phil Parkinson

TTE Podcast Co-Host Dave 'Handbags' Harris

Left nothing in the dressing room, always gave it all.

TTE Podcast Co-Host Tony 'Wimb Snr' Wimbush

Went in [and won] lots of 50 -50 and 30 -70 balls.

Jay Tabb

TTE Editor Wimb

Parky is the clear favourite here but I'll give my nomination to an understated bloke that always gave it 110% for the club. Tabby's role may not have been as prominent but he was part of a three top six Reading sides and whenever he came into the team you knew he was going to give you a solid gutsy performance.


Results so far:

Left Foot: Ian Harte

Right Foot: Gylfi Sigurdsson

Legs: Jimmy Kebe

Torso: Ibrahima Sonko