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Chinese Takeover Of Reading FC To Go Through In Next Fortnight?

Are Reading's Thai owners set to sell up?

Reading v Leeds United - Sky Bet Football League Championship Photo by Martin Willetts/Getty Images

It's looking more and more likely that the takeover of Reading FC by a Chinese brother and sister duo will go through. According to BBC Berkshire today, Dai Yongge and Dai Xiu Li could have control of the club within the next two weeks.

For more info on the potential new Royal owners, you can find an earlier article here.

Where would this deal leave the Thais?

Recent reports from the Reading Post and BBC Berkshire suggest that the Chinese siblings would own a majority of the club, rather than buying us outright. It's been suggested that Lady Sasima Srivikorn's shares would be sold entirely, with Narin Nirrutinanon and Sumrit 'Tiger' Thanakarnjanasuth retaining some shares, but fewer than they already have.

BBC Berkshire also claim that the deal would leave control of the land around the stadium (i.e. the lucrative Royal Elm Park development) and the stadium hotel in the hands of the Thais.

However, the footballing side of things - the club itself, the stadium and the training ground - would pass over to Dai Yongge and Dai Xiu Li.


Apart from the above, we don't really have much information to go on. That said, from what we have heard so far, do you think the takeover would be good for the club?

Let us know in the comments.