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Reading FC 2-1 Bristol City: The Alternative View

Five wins on the bounce - how did the social and media scenes react to the Royals' march?

Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

After four wins on the bounce Bristol City came to the Mad Stad with one win in seven. Last season this would probably have been an away win as the Royals historically tend to lose winning streaks in matches like this (Aston Villa anyone?)

This season however it’s a new and improved Reading with a bit of steel and a confidence that’s oozing out of the team.

Onto the game itself and most of the comments were around the penalty given for a trip on Dominic Samuel. Say what you want, whether he went down a little easily or it’s a trip, the spot kick was given. What seems to be setting a trend is us missing the penalty and scoring the rebound but, as the saying goes, they all count.

This pretty much incensed the City faithful, and I have picked what I can use that isn’t either a) slightly colloquial language or b) hurling abuse at Samuel.

The rest of the reaction is about the ref (shock), Reading’s vocal support (even bigger shock) and the on loan player from Chelsea who is quite good. Where have we seen that before?


So the finger of blame was well and truly pointing at the ref and some distinctly unhappy City fans.

So excited about O'Neil scoring he falls over!

You have to admit they did have good support


One perspective - it's the ref!

Another case for the defence?

Ah, this explains it!

Reading fans can attest to the on-loan Chelski talent!

Ahem, how many have you lost out of the last eight?


Media is a little light this week, but starting with the Daily Mail, they reckon our win was "reasonably comfortable". They also have some good action pictures from the game.

Over at the Bristol Post, they well and truly point the finger at calamitous defending for the two goals, and that although Bristol gave it a go, they again use the phrase "comfortable".  It does seem however that Lee Johnson is distinctly unimpressed with the official’s version of events.

Clubcall play on the theory that Reading are playing like Manchester City or Barcelona, which Stam has decided to twist into 'actually they are playing like Reading'. They also give coverage to a rather unhappy Lee Johnson.

Over at the national scene and the BBC lead with Bristol City being "wasteful" and that Bristol carved out many chances to score against Reading.

SkySports have their normal video feature this time giving us a slightly annoying 1 minute 10 seconds and considering we are third, that's slightly hard to fathom. However, apart from mentioning that this was the first goal we have conceded for 447 minutes, they also pretty much cover the same ground as everyone else.

Finally over at GetReading a rather jubilant Charles Watts seems to have run out of superlatives to describe the performance, and said although Bristol threw everything at Reading that we were a little in cruise control in the second half.


And that’s a wrap, we march onto Fulham on Saturday, and normally this isn’t the best of hunting grounds for the Royals. With news of a takeover on the horizon these are interesting days to be a Reading Fan.

With a team that’s playing arguably some of the best football we have seen at Reading for the last three or four seasons, Stam is understandably trying to keep a lid on expectations. I do feel that Fulham will be a massive test for this side. However, with the confidence that is running through the team at the moment, anything is possible.

I will be back after the Fulham game with the news and views from the social and media scenes.

C'mon urzzzzz!