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Help Support The Tilehurst End In 2017 & Beyond

Want to help the Tilehurst End stick around and grow over the coming weeks, months and years? Well we need your help.


We're very proud of all that we've accomplished here at The Tilehurst End and if you've appreciated what we've done, we'd like to kindly ask for your help.

While we love having the chance to talk and analyse our beloved Reading Football Club - preparing, producing, recording and editing the podcast and website does take a significant amount of time and effort, and while we poke fun at being an 'unprofessional joke of a podcast' we try to put out as polished and high quality content as we can.

Unfortunately, taking a podcast to that level involves both time and money and that's where your support comes in. Not only will your donations help fund future improvements to the show and website, they'll also go towards rewarding those of us who create the content that you read and listen to each week.

As I've said, doing this is something we love and we came in knowing it wouldn't be financially rewarded but when you get a few quid into the coffers it really does help give you the occasional reminder that your efforts are being appreciated.

So please just donate what you can. Once again, think of it like a tip jar and a virtual pat on the back. You can either head to or click on the banner below.

The Tilehurst End Patron

Click here to help donate to TTE

In the past we've also had a few people get in touch who'd love to help but don't feel comfortable pledging on a monthly basis. If you would still like to donate but want to go through PayPal or through other means just drop us a quick email to

Likewise, we appreciate that people want to help but can't afford to spare any cash. That's absolutely fine and we very much thank everyone who takes the time to read an article, download or subscribe to the podcast, tells friends about us or goes the extra mile to send something in. We hope to be around a very long time and we've only been around for this long thanks to you embracing the site and giving up your own time for us.

So above all else, thanks,

The TTE Team