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Hunty's Column: My Reading FC Management XI

This week Hunty turfs former Reading managers out of the dug out to try and pick an XI based on their playing careers.

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So this is Christmas! Forget Wham & Elton John and go listen to All I Want Is A Dukla Prague away kit by the legends of music Half Man Half Biscuit.

Back to the football and seeing as Japp Stam is doing so well in his early days as Reading manager,  while also coming off a career as a class player I decided I'd pick a team based on how our managers performed as players!

Safe to say we wouldn't have a bad team would we!

Goalkeeper & Defence

One time caretaker manager Eddie Niedzwiecki gets the nod over Nigel Adkins for me. The guy was an absolutely class keeper at Chelsea back in the 80s before injury cut his career short.

As for the back four, well Japp Stam & Ady Williams can fight each other for the Captain's armband but bloody oath what a combination they would be. Jaap cool calm and collected and Ady his able sidekick.

Steve Clarke gets in at right back. While he may have been a miserable old git as a manager he was a classy player in his time at Chelsea.

While at left back, I've gone for Harry Johnston a stylish player who managed the royals back in thr 1950s after a stellar career of 21 years as a player at Blackpool!


On the right wing, one of the most talented players to have ever played for England who would have won 100 caps if his career wasn't cut short by injury, Sir Steve Coppell. He was an absolutely classy player with skill in abundance.

Kevin Dillon & Mick Gooding would be the engine room of this team, two players whose style would compliment each other and ensure that not much got past them.

On the left the one and only Maurice Evans, who had a massive role in making the club who we are today. A great man, a great manager but also great player who spent 12 years playing for Reading.


Up front notable mentions to the 'FSB' Mark McGhee and to Jimmy Quinn, but to me the best combination would have to be Roy Bentley, a man who the league championship with Chelsea and 12 caps for England with 9 goals in the 50s before going on to manage Reading in the 1960s. Playing alongside him would be Ted Drake, the original Sir Ian Botham, a star in both cricket and football. He won league titles as player with Arsenal & then again as manager with Chelsea after they spotted his talent whilst managing the Royals following World War 2. He also scored a few for England and was a proper old fashioned footballer.

Bus Driver

Terry the Taxi Bullivant

I Wouldn't mind watching that team in action! Have a fantastic Christmas everyone look after yourselves and your loved ones.