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View From The Town End: Blackburn Rovers

What can Reading expect from Blackburn and old chums Hope Akpan & Danny Guthrie?

Derby County v Blackburn Rovers - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Today we got the Blackburn view from Rovers fan Mikey Delap. You can follow him on twitter @MikeyDelap

How would you sum up your season so far?

About as expected I would say - disappointing. The indicator was always there that we'd camp out somewhere near the bottom and so it has transpired.

Any players worth any value have been sold and replaced with frees and loans which isn't always a recipe for disaster but it's not helping matters as Venky's seem to have lost what little interest they had in investing proactively into the club.

It's been a slog so far - with the odd bright moment along the way, but largely it's been about as fruitful as the league table appears...

You told us in the summer that reaction to Owen Coyle's appointment was mixed. Six months in how are fans feeling now?

Pretty much the same. There's a line of thinking that not many could improve the current fortunes substantially given the handcuffs that are currently being allocated out to work with.

I don't really buy that as there's always a manager out there that could improve things if the administration running the club bang their heads together... but it genuinely would be a tough job for any manager given the farce they have to operate under.

On the whole though the majority remain wholly unimpressed with the constant smiling, permanently over-positive (which coming from me is saying something) bag of hot air and tube socks (that's Coyle not Venky's).

Who should we be wary of on Saturday?

Be very wary of a minority of the Darwen End brigade making homophobic chanting a thing.

Oh sorry you mean on the field?

Hard to look past Sam Gallagher and/or Danny Graham really. Whilst the backline has been makeshift and the central midfield non-existent the forwards having actually been reasonably good on the whole.

They're both big lads who can shift themselves and both have chipped in with a good degree of goals so far this season.

How are our old chums Hope Akpan and Danny Guthrie getting on in Lancashire?

Akpan has been about as you'd expect really - a try hard, lumberer who puts himself about but in the main to little effect.

Guthrie has been injured, then had a patch of being very decent, then injured again.

Any of this sound familiar?

Any Reading player that's caught your eye?

Yes I like Yann Kermorgant. Always rated him whenever I've seen him and seem to operate at a good level to very little fanfare.

Put my down as the president of his fanclub.

Score prediction?

I actually have a sneaky feeling we might win this one. Two things you can be sure of is that we'll score and we'll concede.

So put me down for a 2-1 win and a large gang of mockers when this turns out to be nowhere near.

Finally, any advice for fans making the trip?

Yes. Wrap up warm folks, it's quite nippy out.