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Reading FC's Chinese Takeover Hitting Familiar Problems?

Reports suggest Dai Yongge and Dai Xiu Lu's bid to buy the Royals is being struck by the issues that prevented the duo from owning Hull City.

Reading v Bradford City - FA Cup Quarter Final Replay Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

The Premier League are said to be collaborating with the Football League to give Reading's potential buyout by Chinese sibling pair Dai Yongge and Dai Xiu Lu a thorough going over.

With the duo having failed to complete the purchase of top-flight side Hull City in the summer, believed to be because of problems at the Owners and Directors Test hurdle, the two league bodies are now pooling their information to reach a decision regarding the Royals.

Daily Mail report that this is in response to the concerns over the structure of the deal that prevented them from owning the Tigers, and that PL chief executive Richard Scudamore would possibly be surprised if Yongge and Xiu Lu take control of Reading.

However, it remains a possibility as the Football League may consider any issues surrounding the pair to be minor enough to allow, in the face of larger worries regarding the financial state of the club as a whole. In particular, the land deals being struck by the current Thai owners may become a factor in discussions.

For now, fans are left to ponder what's going on behind the scenes, as ever, but at the very least on the pitch matters are being taken care of with aplomb. A promotion in May would go a long way to wiping out any economic woes potentially hovering over the club, and getting worried about the potential repercussions of a sale are far too murky to really give much attention to at this stage.