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Jem Karacan: The Tilehurst End Interview - Part 2

The concluding part of our interview with former Reading FC midfielder Jem Karacan covers the highs of his rise to the Captaincy to the lows of an injury that almost ended his career.

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

We continue our talk with former Reading Captain Jem Karacan as he covers the pride he felt playing in the Premier League for the club and what went wrong to cost Brian McDermott his job the team their place in the top division. Jem talks about why he'll always respect Nigel Adkins, how Royston Drenthe was around the training ground and about the injury he picked up against Leeds that almost cost him his entire career.

We discuss just why it took so long for Jem to come back, how he nearly left the club on loan and the just why he ended up moving on to Galatasaray. There's also a brief look at the state of the team right now and what the future might hold for Karacan on and off the field, including the question of whether he'd come back to Reading one day if given the chance.

All that and plenty more in part 2, while if you missed part 1 you can check it out here. So a big thanks to Jem for his time giving us this interview and we all wish him the best of success in the rest of his career

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