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Fulham FC 5-0 Reading FC: Player Ratings

An awful start to December saw Reading put in their worst performance of the season. Jordan Cottle dishes out the dirt on the worst offenders.

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Ali Al-Habsi: 5

Not much he could do with most of the goals, but will have to take some blame for Chris Martin's second, if you set your wall up on one side you have to protect the other. In addition his distribution was poor today and missed the calming influence of Liam Moore.

Chris Gunter: 4

Terrible own goal and was incapable of providing his usual threat going forward. Often left isolated against two in attack, but coped generally well with most of the threat coming down the other side.

Paul McShane: 4

Without Moore in the team there was a lot resting on the captain to keep the defence organised, unfortunately it didn’t play out that way. Didn’t close down Martin for his first and struggled to play out the defence.

Tyler Blackett: 5

I thought he performed slightly better than McShane on the day...slightly.

Jordan Obita: 3

Given a torrid time by Sone Aluko and Ryan Fredericks with most of the Fulham attacks coming down his side and he was incapable of stopping dangerous crosses going into the box. We saw the poor side to Jordan's game today, albeit he was given very little help from Beerens.

George Evans: 5

In his very specific job of always being available for the pass and distributing out from the back he did ok but was unable to get to grips with Fulham's excellent movement.

Danny Williams: 3

Part of a midfield that never got going. His role in the team is to pressure the opposition and drive his team forward, he did neither. Sent off early in the second half to effectively end Reading's chances of getting back into the game

Joey van den Berg: 4

Looked lost higher up the pitch and well short of match fitness. Also picked up a booking.

Garath McCleary: 5

Rarely beat his man, but at least gave Gunter some help at the back. Was forced deep by the marauding Scott Malone.

Dominic Samuel: 5

Worked hard but left very isolated up front. Had a good chance mid way through the second half to either hit the target or square the ball to Kelly but dawdled on it and the chance was gone.

Roy Beerens: 4

Whether it was a tactical decision or ill discipline he drifted infield leaving massive amounts of space for Fredericks to bomb into. His flicks and tricks never came off today and he needs to realise that sometimes its best just to get the ball down and play the percentage ball.


Liam Kelly: 5

Came on for Beerens after the sending off and did ok. A few nice passes and disciplined display in a wide left position. The suspension to Danny Williams could give him a run in the team which I hope he takes with both hands.

Yakou Méïte: 5

Came on late and ran around but the game was long gone.

Callum Harriott: N/A

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Average Rating: 4.4

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