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Hunty's Column: Reading FC Christmas Countdown

For this week's column, Hunty shares his favorite Reading-related songs.

The Mojo Honours List - Awards Ceremony Red Carpet Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Firstly my heart goes out to those affected by the sad events in the football world recently.

My trip over to the game last Saturday was long but when you don't get to do it that often a 13-hour shift on Friday, a sleepless night at Dublin airport and early flight, a win and a good performance spent with the most fantastic people made it all worth it.

Sadly this was followed by a drubbing at Fulham in typical Reading style but we are still third as we head in to the festive period.

Through my travels and a lot of highs and lows as a fan I'm taken back to the songs that have got me through a lot of the bad times.

It's Hunty's Christmas countdown!

Living in Australia for 10 years during our most successful period introduced me to the music of the late great Chrissy Amphlett of The Divinyls. Don't know them? They sang "I Touch Myself" on the Austin Powers soundtrack. Take the time to listen to Pleasure & Pain, it sums up every emotion of every fan who's ever watched the Royals.

Elton John may have been Watford chairman, but his 1980's hit "I'm Still Standing" could be the story of our chairman John Madejski's time at Reading (he would have been great in the video as well!).

East 17 may have disappeared quicker than Sean Evers but who else would have their hit "It's All Right' on continual replay during extra time in the victory against West Brom in the cup back in 2010, whilst on the way to work on a sunny morning in Sydney as it was a lucky omen? Yep, yours truly.

The dream management signing of Brendan Rodgers, who we thought was the next messiah but turned into The Life of Brenda, believed possession was more important than shots on goal. He would be perfectly summed up by Lady Gaga's Perfect Illusion.

On all our ownership issues past, present and now sadly what looks like the immediate future due to recent events, I give you Pat Benetar and "Love Is A Battlefield".

To the management talents of Brian McDermott and especially Nigel Adkins, who did a lot for the club in such tough circumstances behind the scenes, but always tried (sometimes too hard) to keep a positive spin, I give you No Doubt - Don't Speak.

To those still coming to terms with being a Reading fan young or old I give you Dark Necessities by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

To end on a man that did so much to make our club and young players who they are today, in honour of Eamonn Dylan - Joy Division: Atmosphere. It is one of the most beautiful, poignant songs ever. Thank you for everything Eamonn, without you things just would not ever be this good.