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Reading FC Tweets Of The Week: Le Fondre Memories, Kitson Banter And More...

Yet another week has flown by without Reading looking a decent side on the pitch. Fortunately Reading's fans have been decent on Twitter.

Pete Norton/Getty Images

Hi. How art thou? Thou art good? Thou shalt be even better upon reading this week's Tweets of the Week.*

* not guaranteed

Away we go...

We start with Le Fondre memories.

Young Royals roll on.

Tshibola, Y U SO INJURED?

Good guy Al Habsi.

FIFA bants.

Achievement unlocked: Reading legen—no, can't do it.

Sorry Ed, but even if you're sick that's no excuse. #UnprofessionalJoke

Probability: 0%.

JSK goes through a rebrand.

Former stadium announcer pulls no punches with this accurate caption.

Kitson leaves Cox REKT. (Did I do that right?)

That's your lot.