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Reading v West Brom - FA Cup Fifth Round: Opposition View

We get the West Brom view on tomorrow's game with Reading as one Baggies fan feels sympathy for Steve Clarke, worries about the curse of the ex and predicts a replay.

This week's View From The Town End comes to us via West Brom fan Liam Martin.

How would you sum up your season so far?

Meh. Safety more or less guaranteed but it's hardly a thrilling watch. It is survival in the way that Pulis knows best. Lower expectations of the fan base and then make it out to be some good, wonderful achievement when he keeps us up. That is good enough for some and more importantly, the chairman, but after six years or whatever it is in this division, I want us to see us doing it in a way which is enjoyable. What I don't want to see is an Albion side set out to defend for 90 minutes and then play for set pieces.

You've been an established Premier League club for close to six seasons now but can't seem to break into the top half. Do you think you've peaked or is there a plan in place to grow?

I think we've certainly peaked - our ownership doesn't have the money that other clubs have. In terms of growing the club, I don't see any long term plan to be honest. I don't think you can have long term plans in football anymore either as the second the wind blows a different direction, football clubs make changes.

It's been a couple of seasons since we've faced each other but what have you made of Reading from afar?

Haven't really kept much of an eye on Reading to be honest. Disappointed to see Clarkey leave as I still remember some of his good times fondly (even more-so with the tripe we currently have to watch!) I think McDermott is a solid appointment however. He seems to be able to squeeze the most from his resources and what you lack for in ability you more than make up for in organisation and desire.

Which Baggies player should we be particularly concerned with on Saturday?

Well it depends which Albion turn up. If we adopt the approach where we camp in our own half and try and nullify the game then you will have no need to worry. . If we actually turn up with the intention of crossing the half way line, then our attacking player is predictable and often very pedestrian. We don't have any real stand-out talents. It's an average bunch of players to be honest. Saido Berahino is probably our best bet for a goal (If Pulis plays him).

Any Reading player you're worried about?

If he plays, Matej Vydra is bound to score isn't he? Ex-Albion and all that..

Finally, what's your score prediction?

Well, we don't do scoring goals so I'll predict a mind-numbing game of football which finishes 0-0 and requires a replay for yet another boring, mind-numbing game of football, only this time infront of a more global audience! I set myself such low expectations in hope that it really can't be that bad!

Thanks again to Liam and you can follow him on Twitter @LiamWBAFC