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Reading FC Set 12-Year League Attendance Low

The malaise around Reading FC sunk to a new low last night as the club set an unwanted attendance mark.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

A Tuesday night game with Rotherham is never going to attract huge interest, especially when it comes just three days after a dramatic cup win over West Brom but those within Reading Football Club would have been disappointed when last night's attendance figure came in at just 13,504. That figure represents the lowest seen for a league game at the Madejski Stadium since September 14, 2004 when 11,857 watched Reading beat Preston 3-1.

Last night's mark surpassed last year's low-point of 13,775 also set against Rotherham on a Tuesday night but what will be even more frustrating for those in the team's marketing department is that the club had offered widespread incentives to try and boost the gate last night. Those initiatives had included offering up to two free tickets for season-ticket holders and setting ticket prices at £10 for adults buying in advance. Likewise the club had heavily marketed the game towards local students, including setting up a partnership with a local nightclub to provide entertainment after full-time.

The fact that only 271 made the long-trip from Yorkshire certainly didn't help, nor the issue that this is Reading's sixth home game within the past five-and-a-half-weeks but it's still concerning that so few saw the game as being worthy of coming along to.

With that being said, the club should be given plenty of credit for doing their best to boost attendances during what has been a difficult time for the team on the pitch. Ticket prices have been reduced this season and with individual offers like the one that was offered last night it's nice to see those in power realising they need to try and do more to get bums on seats.

So folks what do you put this down to? Is it a lack of entertainment on the pitch, bad match-day experience, fatigue at so many home games, opposition, finances or something else entirely? Let us know your thougts below.