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Charlton Fan On Ownership Woes, Love For Kermorgant & More

It's off to The Valley for Reading tomorrow but they'll be heading to a ground full of unhappy home fans, as one Charlton fans explains.

This week's View From The Town End comes to us via Charlton fan Kyle Andrews.

How would you sum up Charlton's season so far?

I'd like to use another four letter word, but we'll go with unbearably grim. Unbearably grim to the point that supporting the club feels like a chore. Little enjoyment to be had in following a side poisoned by a destructive regime, and a club that so regularly insults and isolates its supporters.

You'll find few Charlton fans, given their side's continued insistence on being beaten in gutless fashion, who have genuine hope of avoiding relegation.

But a completely unnecessary return to League One, instigated by Roland Duchatelet's flawed experiment, is only a symptom of the overall issue. One of many symptoms that this ownership are unwilling to address in an adequate manner.

Your ownership situation has been a big source of frustration for Addicks fans of late, just what is going on?

A read of Yann Kermorgant's comments in the local Reading press tells you much of what you need to know. It really is gutting to see my football club going to waste as a result of this delusional and destructive regime.

Charlton is no longer run as a football club, with ambitions of progressing on the pitch and existing for the purpose of accommodating its supporters, but as part of a misguided and failing experiment. We have been described as "weird" for having an emotional attachment to the club by CEO Katrien Meire, who believes we are merely customers.

Customers who are to be offered the "unique experience" of seeing young players come through, and sold to the highest bidder as quickly as possible. The team a collection of academy graduates pushed in at the deep end, and players signed by Duchatelet's scouting network, most of which simply aren't good enough.

And those players are marshalled by head coaches employed not because of their coaching ability, but their willingness to work within Duchatelet's structure. Guy Luzon, a man sacked by Duchatelet previously, Karel Fraeye, the apparent ‘interim' head coach recruited from the third division of Belgian football, and Jose Riga, someone that has worked under Duchatelet three times previously, the bosses during this campaign.

It's depressing.

Charlton fell to a narrow defeat at the Madejski earlier this season, what did you make of Reading that day and from what you've seen and heard since?

In truth, I was quite surprised with how dramatically your form dipped following your victory over us. Your performance was a lot more impressive than the closeness of the scoreline suggests, and there wasn't anything to suggest that you'd ultimately capitulate.

It seems that, both under Steve Clarke and Brian McDermott, you've struggled to replicate the threatening attacking style that earned plaudits in the first few months of the campaign. McDermott attempting to make the Royals more stubborn in recent weeks.

But it does seem to be having a positive effect. Results slowly improving in the league, which they will continue to do once Kermorgant properly finds his feet, and I'm always jealous of any club that gets to enjoy a run in The FA Cup.

Who should Reading fans be wary of on Saturday?

He has largely underperformed this season, at least in comparison to the standards he set during the previous campaign, but Johann Berg Gudmundsson still possesses the ability to change a game on his own.

In fact, the Iceland international cutting inside from the right is probably our biggest threat. His goal against Preston on Tuesday night, with North End allowing him a decent amount of space on the edge of the box, showing what he's capable of.

He's been moved to something of a free role behind the forwards, and is promising more goals. We bloody well need them.

Any Reading player that you're not looking forward to facing?

I'm looking forward to welcoming him back to The Valley, but I'm certainly not looking forward to facing Kermorgant.

The bond between Kermorgant, a hero of Chris Powell's side and the first real victim of Duchatelet's regime, and Charlton supporters has only got stronger since he was ludicrously forced out of the club. It's a shame he can't lead the protests on Saturday, because he shares our feelings.

That bond was initially created by his performances for the Addicks and, though he is yet to score for the Royals, it is hard not to fear him. My understanding is that his overall play has been impressive, but has so far been frustrated in front of goal. That will undoubtedly end on Saturday.

An intelligent and exceptional player, who was laughably deemed not good enough by this regime.

Score prediction?

Unfortunately, it's very difficult to see any result but a Reading victory. I'll punt for 2-0, with at least one of those goals coming from Kermorgant. Hopefully he celebrates in front of the Directors' Box, or finds himself a black and white scarf (the symbol of the protest) to wear.

Finally, any tips for travelling Royals?

There will be a protest against Duchatelet's ownership outside the West Stand following the game. It would be greatly appreciated by all Addicks if some of your supporters could join us. The more bodies against this regime, the better.

Assuming you're making the trip, I hope you enjoy your trip to The Valley on Saturday. The result will undoubtedly make that easier.

Thanks again to Kyle and you can follow him on twitter @KyleHAndrews