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Reading FC Away Days - Charlton Atheltic

The boys take their camera to South East London for the latest instalment of Away Days.

O.M.G. What a game that was.

This was seriously the best away game that we have been to since we started this series.The atmosphere was good, and I'm proud to be a Reading fan today. What we usually do is say how the players did but today I want to praise the fact that we took 3,000 fans to a game is great. The fans didn't stop signing through out the game and proved to us that making tickets cheap then the fans will come. But that's a different article for a different day.

Going onto the players, Ali Al-Habsi had an amazing game and he really did keep us in the game, despite him conceding three goals (to Yaya Sanogo). Paul McShane had an average game and that's the same for Jake Cooper. The worst player in that defence was Chris Gunter, constantly getting out of position and always being done by the winger.

The midfield had a good game and Stephen Quinn was superb and I swear that he never get's tired. Finally the strikers were good, but sometimes out of the game. Yann was good and Deniss once again made that impact when he came off the bench.

So a good performance from the boys and I'm hoping for more in the future. Hope you all enjoy the video.

We apologise in advance for any foul language, abusive behaviour, or bad defending.