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Reading FC Tweets Of The Week: #BushWatch And Real Madrid Similarities

The very best tweets from the world of Reading FC Twitter, in one handy list.


Wha'g'wan ma breadbin? It's been two weeks since the last edition of Tweets of the Week. I'm not really sure why, but it's become a bit of a 'thing' to be inconsistent with this feature. I kinda like it. Though you probably don't and the Big Bossman Editor almost certainly doesn't. Ho hum.

Enough ramble!

Let's start this with a tweet about one of our new signings and the shirt they need to live up to.

Paul McShane in the stands at the Mad Stad? Heck yeah.

Big J-Coops scored his first goal at the Mad Stad since the last edition of Tweets of the Week. Coincidentally, this was also the first time The Royals have scored from a corner since Cooper last scored.

Bruh, don't make me get oldskool.

We've also said ta-ta to Jake Taylor.

Blackman's arrival at Derby County still hasn't had much positivity.

Ryan who? — I kid, I kid. (No but seriously...)

Seems Big Bossman Editor is a fan of the ol' video games. He stumbled upon a wild Guthrie!

In answer to your question, Alex: no.

Even you would look beautiful in hindsight.

Jem who?



The thug life chose him.

Sa long, goalscorer.


Yes, #BushWatch did return.

Danny Williams to Swansea?! No. But that didn't stop the panic.


Reading lost to Ipswich. Cue meltdown.

Phew. That's your lot.

Did your tweet not make it? That's a shame. Try tweeting @RoyalHoops with some suggestions next time.