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Leicester City 1-1 Reading FC March 25 2006: As It Happened Live Blog

To celebrate the tenth anniversary we're running a live retrospective blog on the 1-1 draw with Leicester that sent Reading to the Premier League, send us your memories and we'll include them!

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That's the end of our live blog from the Walkers Stadium. We're off to Purple Turtle, safe in the knowledge that whatever happens over the next five, ten, or twenty years, we'll always have this day.




Blimey. What a day. So much to look forward to as a Reading fan, what a time to be alive, the best in the club's long history. Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, we're coming for you.

Who knows, maybe we'll even stay up next season!

On your way home, check out what one young fan says promotion means to him, aged 12.




Leeds have drawn 0-0, according to the stadium announcer, Watford have managed to lost 2-0 to Millwall. It's done. It's signed, sealed, and delivered. The Royals are going up.

To coin a phrase: SCENES


Reading have done their bit, to an extent.... It's 1-1 here.

How's it going in Watford and Leeds? Time will tell.



It could have been done and dusted so soon after Doyle's goal, Hunt missing a glorious chance. Cmon guys, so close!



KEVIN DOYLE! This time last year he was playing in front of 70 people at Cork, this time next year he'll be in front of 70,000 at Old Trafford!

Harper whips in a corner, it's nodded on and Doyle gets the last touch. 85 minutes to go, and with results elsewhere... this is enough. 1-1.



Millwall have the lead at Vicarage Road through Carl Asaba! If everything stays the same, Reading are up!

Reading in the Premier League?! We know, Ben!



Long and Sidwell thrown on as Reading pick up the pace a little, Leeds are still being held up in Yorkshire...



We're underway again here at the Walkers. Will Reading be a Premier League team in 45 minutes time?



Oh no. 1-0 to Leicester at the break, Fryatt and Hume combining down the middle for a calm finish past Hahnemann, just before Joey Gudjonsson hits the post hits the post with a free-kick...

At least it's good news from the other games as Watford and Leeds fail to find a break through.



We're underway!



Plenty of fans around the ground today, we'll be showing you some of our 'tweets' during the afternoon on 'Twitter', a new sharing website founded only this month!



We have the TTE prediction league for today's game as follows:

Wimb: Leicester 0-2 Reading
Jonny: Leicester 3-1 Reading
Westy Leicester 0-0 Reading
Handbags: Leicester 1-2 Reading
Nick Ive: Leicester 0-3 Reading

(TTE takes no responsibility for these being made up by someone who wasn't any of these people)



Who are the players to send us up today, then?

Reading: Hahnemann, Murty, Sonko, Ingimarsson, Shorey, Oster, Harper, Gunnarsson, Convey, Kitson, Doyle.
Subs: Stack, Makin, Sidwell, Hunt, Long.

Leicester: Henderson, Stearman, McCarthy, Kisnorbo, Johansson, Maybury, Gudjonsson, Williams, Hughes, Hume, Fryatt.
Subs: Gerrbrand, Douglas, Hammond, O'Grady, Welsh.



Today is deceptively simple. Reading win, and they are up.

If the Royals draw, however, they are relying upon both Watford and Leeds failing to win, the Hornets hosting Millwall while Stoke travel to Yorkshire, meaning this is something of an unlikely scenario for Reading.

Finally, the result in Leicester will be meaningless if Leeds can't win at Elland Road and Watford somehow fall to defeat in their game today. That promotes Reading. Seems a long shot, mind.



It's not a great time to take on the Foxes, who've won their last three matches. Rob Kelly has certainly set out his stall for a long stay in Leicestershire after guiding his side to just two defeats in his first ten, and they come into the game with no fresh injuries. That means Iain Hume and Matty Fryatt will likely start up front.

For the Royals, two straight draws have seen a cautious climax to the season as promotion beckons, and talk of nerves sets in. Steve Coppell is without Glen Little on this particular trip, while Steve Sidwell isn't expected to start as he continues his comeback.

For a full preview, check out Will's article here.


Welcome to our live blog for Reading FC attempting their first-ever promotion to the Premier League, and in record time, too! Send us your thoughts as you travel to the Walkers Stadium on this cloudy March day.