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Charlton Athletic 3-4 Reading FC: Media & Social Reactions

A trip to the Valley to take on strugglers Charlton Athletic, how did the Addicks fans and the media react to the result of a bizarre game.

Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

After 84 minutes this column threatened to be a repeat of Fulham away before Mr Rakels saved the day!

Modern football is pretty much about money and Charlton are demonstrating what happens when owners get it wrong, with massive demonstrations taking place after the game. Each week I spend many an hour trawling twitter for comments on the game for this piece, and is the first time I have failed to find a pro-comment on a topic.

This is highlighted in the tweets below and they broadly fall into three areas, being the love for Kermorgant, the hatred for the owners and as they call him Roger "relegator" Johnson.

Social Media

Dark days at the Valley

Euro Addicks

Can’t see Nigel Howe doing this.....

No love for Johnson

Home grown?

Yann the Man

So you believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny then?

One for the stat fans

Media Reactions

I always seem to mention how little media attention we get and despite a seven-goal thriller, nothing changes!

I’m going to start with the BBC whose report is a lot longer than it normally is! They do give us credit and praise for a first half where they describe it as a dominant performance from us. The "blindingly obvious statement of the week" award however has to go to Charlton boss Jose Riga for saying "It’s about defending in an effective way" I know there are more than a few Charlton fans who would be happy with "just defending".

They also carry a good pre-report with Kermogant who lay’s in to the current hierarchy at the Valley, and also the Addicks fans who made the trip to Belgium to protest the owners.

Sky Sports have their usual video highlighst packag, and are you ready for this – a colossal 4 min 25! That has to be a record for an untelevised game right? It’s just a pity that the best goal of the game was disallowed. The report once again focuses on the trouble and strife at the Valley, Kermorgant's hero worship by the home side and a poor defensive display all round.

Over at the national press and it’s a poor show all around. The Daily Mail give us a few lines in the roundup, mentioning Rakels, Sanogo and again the protests, whilst the Guardian have a good picture of Williams arguing with some overzealous stewards following Rakels' goal and mentioning the misery for Charlton fans.

In the local papers then The Newshopper only carry an interview post-game with Riga, where he blames the defeat at players not playing with each other before, and that they were the better team in the second half. Over at GetReading and Charles has his normal video report, and makes a good point that a few months back we would have lost this game and whisper it quietly has our form taken a turn on the up side? As usual there’s the full round up on the site of the game.

So it’s Fulham at home on Saturday and hopefully another win. As always make sure you stay up to date with The Tileshurst end for the latest on what’s happening at Reading, and whilst we can but dream, 10 wins out of the last 13 games, could we, really could we?