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The Tilehurst End Podcast Interview: Former BBC Radio Berkshire Head Of Sport Joel Hufford

Joel Hufford was the voice of Reading Football Club for nine years, now he talks to us about run ins with Alan Pardew, how he nearly failed to make it onto the pitch at Brentford and why the 106 team was so special.

In a special two-part interview we talk to former BBC Radio Berkshire Head of Sport Joel Hufford on his nine year spell covering Reading between 1998 and 2007. Joel talks us through his early days covering the Tommy Burns era in the opening years of the Madejski Stadium and how things slowly began to turn around under Alan Pardew. We'll hear why Pardew wasn't always an easy man to deal with and how Joel's greatest moment in broadcasting was just minutes away from perhaps never taking place.

All that plus much, much more in today's first part, with the second due to go online on Thursday, where Joel gives his views on Tim Dellor, the current state of the club and an interesting training ground interview with Nicky Forster.

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