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VFTTE: Bolton Fan On Relegation, Clough, Lennon & Vydra

Football's back folks! While this won't be a season to remember for either Bolton or Reading fans, let's all embrace the pain together. Here's what our chums at Lion of Vienna Suite make of tomorrow's game.

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This week's View From The Town End comes to us via Chris, a Bolton fan at our SB Nation chums Lion of Vienna Suite.

How would you sum up Bolton's season so far?

S**t sandwich. We've been atrocious from the first minute to the most recent - and we will continue to be until the very last. It has been the worst season in my 20 odd years of watching Bolton - with almost no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

The on pitch lameness has seemingly been topped by the off-pitch shenanigans. What's the current state of play and are you over the worst of it?

Current state of play appears to be that we've swapped owing a ton of money to one guy, in favour of owing a bit less to someone else. So in short it's a new horizon, but we don't know exactly what's over that horizon - it could be a pot of gold, or it could be a big pile of dirty nappies with some flies buzzing around.

Neil Lennon didn't last long under the new owners, were Bolton fans happy to see him go and who is likely to replace him?

I think most were happy. He was given a bad hand to start with, and was always swimming upstream - but since Christmas it became obvious that he wasn't up to the battle, and that his heart wasn't in it. Which is a shame, given how excited we were to get him in the first place. Top candidate to replace him is Phil Brown. We'd love Big Sam, for obvious reasons, and there are some excellent cases being made for the likes of Chris Wilder at Northampton too. I don't mind who we get, so long as we favour experience over potential....for once. This means we'll probably end up with Paolo Di Canio.

Any Wanderers player we should be worried about?

Zach Clough is our best player, but his form has been appalling for most of the season. You will no doubt be looking forward to seeing transfer target Rob Holding up close, but I assure you he's rubbish and you should definitely NOT bid for him this summer. I repeat, he is not good enough for you. Other than that, we are almost universally terrible. Short answer? No-one.

Any Reading player who scares you?

I don't mean to be rude, but apart from Vydra I can't think of any Reading players, let alone ones who worry me. Does Pogrebnyak still play? If so, him.

Score prediction?

1-3 Reading win. We've given up the ghost.

Any advice for those Reading fans heading up north.

Enjoy yourselves. We have clean air and relatively traffic-free roads. Our hotels are affordable, and I also guarantee you'll not be mugged or not appreciated. Catch the train to the North, stopping at Acceptance, Happiness, Appreciation Central and Joyous Dreams Parkway.