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The Tilehurst End Podcast - Episode 91: Brum Woe, Cracked Diamonds & Sum Of The Parts

Reading's diamond turned into cheap glass this past weekend but should we be reading anything into results at this stage? We talk that plus talk Sum of The Parts with author Jon Keen.

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After a three-week break, The Tilehurst End Podcast returns to talk over how Reading's two-game winning run was brought to a miserable halt against Birmingham. We'll ask whether Brian McDermott's new diamond system is working and look at who from the current squad deserves a place in the next campaign.

In more positive news, we're joined by the author of the book that profiles the rise of the '106' team, 'Sum Of The Parts' author Jon Keen who talks us through the challenges he had writing it and whether a similar team could rise again.

Pub chat centres around whether the stands at the Mad Stad should be renamed plus there's a bumper mailbag full of your questions to answer and a lot more on this week's TTE Podcast.

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You can order The Sum Of The Parts online in hardback here, or a Kindle version is available on Amazon. The book is also on sale at the Reading FC Megastore and you can visit the website for the book here.

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