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OPINION: Dellor - Out Of Order

While Tim Dellor may have apologised for some of his comments towards Matej Vydra, one Reading FC fan is still far from happy with the BBC Radio Berkshire commentator.

This guest article comes from guest writer 'Dr Z' who wishes to remain anonymous.

I felt sickened after the game Tuesday night. Mostly because we'd just lost to a last minute Middlesborough goal, but also because of BBC Radio Berkshire's commentary. It's bad enough losing that way, but being subjected to an outpouring of vitriol from Tim Dellor at the same time was a little too much to take. I had to leave the room for a while after the final whistle. Laying awake at night (like you do as a Reading fan) I was thinking about why it had bothered me so much....

Dellor, instead of feeling the pain of defeat with me, insisted on twisting the knife even further. I was shocked by how uncontrolled and prolonged the attack was. Yes, I'm all for passion, but unbridled anger and naked aggression (mostly against one player) is something else.

When you tune in to a live match, you expect some vivid commentary, a bit of analysis and a large dose of action and excitement. What you don't expect are someone else's opinions rammed down your throat in a never-ending rant. Tim was accusing Danny Williams of a lack of respect and professionalism - perhaps he should try displaying some too? I was upset as any fan with Vydra, Williams and McDermott, but having my nose rubbed in it, with copious helpings of bile, doesn't help. I felt sorry for Micky Gooding who was trying to maintain a bit of balance and decorum while his colleague was losing it.

The RFC Player connection went down two questions into the interview with McDermott - how annoying is that? - but I could tell that Dellor had riled him too and Brian has now apologised for the way he reacted. Now McDermott is due some criticism, no doubt about that, but not in such a bungling, unprofessional way.

BBC Radio Berkshire do a great job with their coverage and, at his best, Tim can be eloquent and passionate. Just don't make him angry. The "if he was a dog he would be put down" comment about Vydra is completely unacceptable. To his credit, he's since apologised for that comment but he should be given anger management training and a sabbatical to sort his head out. It might not solve any of our problems on the pitch - that's another story! - but at least I might enjoy a better night's sleep.

What do you think folks? Is Dr Z right or does Tim deserve more credit than he's getting? Let us know in the comments or why not write a response? Submissions can be sent in to