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Reading FC Player in Focus: Paul McShane

Next up in our 'Player in Focus' series is our recent addition and also captain, Paul McShane.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Paul McShane is a player with immediately obvious leadership qualities and an eye for a good tackle. One of our better signings this season, he has become a key player for us and will be an important part of a squad which is due to change drastically next season.

When Quinn and McShane signed, they were part of the few players that came on a permanent basis. Hull fans were very aggrieved to have lost the duo, in particular McShane. His form has been fairly consistent this season, and seems to be a better quality version of Alex Pearce. In comparison to Pearce, McShane has a better passing range, attitude and edges it on pace (although I could power walk faster than Pearce can run).

Despite not being the tallest of defenders, McShane is solid in the air and you'd fancy him against taller opposition most of the time. Few would disagree that he has been a solid signing that will play an important role in the next couple of seasons.

Paul recently received a three match ban for clashing with Williams, with many blaming Danny for the incident. This showed that our captain really does embrace the role and wasn't happy with our performance - more fight is definitely required for next season. If we can sign a quality CB to play alongside him next season, I think we'll improve upon this campaign and the overly tame defending we have had to endure at times.

Rating - 4 out of 5