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Reading FC's Brian McDermott On Hull Defeat And The Summer

In Reading's last Tuesday night fixture of the season, the Royals fell to a 2-1 home defeat to Hull City. Brian McDermott was frustrated, but saw positives to take.

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Another disappointing Tuesday evening at the Madejski which ended in a familiar late defeat for the Royals, but this time against a promotion chasing Hull City side. Reading took the lead in the fourth minute through Jake Cooper, but Hull equalised just before half time and then scored an 79th minute winner to take all three points.

Brian McDermott told the official club website,

"We need something to break for us. It sums up the last two or three games. Middlesbrough, could have won the game. Leeds, could have won the game. And tonight is the same. But we didn't get it. It's a horrible run at the moment, we just need to get a point or something to get out of this little run. And we've got to keep going... all we can do is dig in and go again on Saturday.

"We started really well and could have been one up before the first goal in fact - we were really bright and Simon Cox has had a good chance before Coops' header.

The penalty shout

"But then we conceded a soft goal and then came the debate at 1-1 with the penalty. Honestly, I can't tell from that angle and from that distance if it was a penalty - but the ref's given a penalty, then the linesman I think made a different decision.

"It's a real tough one to take. Deniss Rakels is going in to shoot and he's gone down. As I said, it's difficult for me to see from that far away - but when the referee gives it and the linesman changes his mind, it's hard. It he gives that penalty, it's a different - and he's given us a penalty and then taken it away from us.

Why Reading lost

"We were more compact in the second half in a really open game, but we need to be more resolute and learn to keep the lead when we get it, win games 1-0.

"They've got nous in their team and they got it to 2-1 - for their second, although it's a good strike, the left-back runs a long way without being engaged. So maybe we lack a little bit of nous at the moment.

"They're used to winning, they're going to be in the play-offs and they're going to be a force. We need to start believing we're going to win games again.

"We haven't got a result for four games, so it's disappointing for everyone. But we've got a big game coming up now at QPR, I'm sure we'll take a good number of fans there and we want to get the right result for them this weekend."

Building a winning mentality

On Wednesday morning, McDermott again spoke to the club website and spoke in depth about the future and the problems the club are facing at the moment, he said:

"We've had two really tough seasons here now. But out of adversity, I'm sure good things will come.

"Over the last couple of years, this club hasn't had a winning mentality, it obvious. Results tell you that. That's where we are at this moment in time. But we've always had a winning mentality at this football club in the past and we've got to get that back. And that can start on Saturday at QPR.

"We'll come through this adversity and we'll be stronger for it. We just have to stick together and keep going and get a result at QPR on Saturday."


The close season is huge for the club this summer, and McDermott is very clear on rebuilding. He added:

"We've got to get to the summer, and do what we have to do - get a bunch of lads together who are going completely in the same direction, prepared to give us absolutely everything in each and every game, and start getting good results to get ourselves in the top six of this division.

"After these last three games, we will talk together about how we want to build a team and a squad for next season. In the past, when we've done it successfully at this club, it has taken a bit of time - we added a couple here and there, we lost a few along the way too - but we do know how to build a squad here. And it's up to us to do it again."

With just three games to go, it's time to wipe away the pain and frustration and look forward to the summer and support the Manager and players.