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Reading FC Comment On Palace Policing, Season Ticket Pricing & Parking

Why was there a heavy police presence for the Palace game, will season ticket prices be going up and do Reading FC support a cap on away ticket prices? Read on to find out...

Reading FC have held their latest Senior Management meeting and thanks to the Supporters' Trust At Reading (STAR) having a presence at the table, we're able to find out the club's opinions on some key talking points right now.

On the topic of season tickets, full prices and details are expected within the next week but the club have confirmed that the age bands will remain the same next year.

If you were wondering why there were police in riot gear within the East Stand for the Crystal Palace home game, club management have confirmed that an intelligence tip off required a heavier than usual police presence for the game and to stop fans migrating further down the East stand than where they were seated. Furthermore last year's punishments for the Bradford pitch invasions mean that any further sanction could lead to a massive fine and hence they're erring on the side of caution for big games.

Car parking has also been a concern ever since the plans for Royal Elm Park were revealed last year. STAR confirmed they'd objected to the proposals over transport concerns but the football club have confirmed their intention to keep all current car parks open next season and have pledged to inform supporters as early as possible about any future changes.

Is £20 plenty for away fans? Well following the Premier League's new £30 cap, Reading confirmed that they're one of the clubs in the Football League who support an upper limit on ticket prices for away fans.

There's a few other notes including details on the release of next year's kit and a possible destination for next season's pre-season tour among the full notes which you can now read over on the STAR website.