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Reading FC's Brian McDermott On QPR Game

Reading picked up their first point in five games yesterday - here's what Brian thought of the match.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Brian McDermott was pleased with the positive signs that the Royals showed yesterday in a good away performance against QPR at Loftus Road. 1,633 fans witnessed a 1-1 draw in which the Royals went behind and Deniss Rakels scored to earn a important point. McDermott told the official club website:

"Look at those fans today, they were top drawer, they out-sung Rangers today and that's what I'm here for... those people, nothing else.

"I want to try and build something again here, so next season has to be in my mind. It's common sense to select the players who are going to be with us next season, it has to be that way - and it's what I tried to do today.

"George Evans played the full game, Deniss scored again, Yann looked like he was striking up a good partnership with Deniss - they will all be a big part of next season.

"And I'm really looking forward to getting going in pre-season, getting a group of players together who are going to do us proud next season."

McDermott was pleased to see the end of our recent poor results, he added:

"The last few weeks hurt. So we needed that result. It was crazy that we hadn't got anything from the last four games, but we came here today knowing we had to get something. And I thought we were going to win it at the end.

"We were getting the details of Championship football right - tracking runners, second balls, stopping crosses, all the things we know we have to do to be successful in this division, all the things we're looking forward to doing next season.

"I watched Burnley play last night and they were doing everything right. Why have we had two seasons like we've had, because we haven't got it right. But that's what we're trying to work towards - getting a group of guys together and have a right go.

"And at the end there today, Deniss feels he should have scored from Garath McCleary's cross. He's a great lad - everyone loves him in that dressing room and the fans will love him too.

"He's a finisher, he can score, you put that ball in the box and it'll drop for him - it was a terrific finish for his goal and he's going to score important goals for us going forward."