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Reading FC Tweets Of The Week: Fosu Flair And That Moment When…

Ha ha ha, you won't BELIEVE what thingy said about THAT thingamajig…

Reading U21 v Tottenham Hotspur U21: Barclays U21 Premier League Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Another week, another bunch of tweets. I can't be bothered for a blurby bit today and you certainly can't be bothered to read whatever tosh I'd come up with, so let's get this show on the road already.

Good news: we might get the Thai green light earlier than last year.

Excellent work here. (Apologies for the naughty word.)

Nostalgia. Which I almost always spell as 'nostaliga' when drafting this feature.

Record holders.

Now take a ride with me to the magical world of Tariqe Fosu.


Here, have a chant. And then tell me where the Latvian deli is.

Steve Clarke. We've already covered that on this website, but here are a couple of tweets.

Encouraging to see former Reading midfielder Jake Taylor doing well at his new club.

We had a bit of fun with the new season ticket unveil. That moment when…

Lovely Brian.

That's it.

I usually write 'that's your lot' to finish off, but I went for 'that's it' this week. Madness, I tell you, utter madness.

See you next week.