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Premier League Bid For Reading FC's Norwood Hard To Turn Down, But No Bournemouth Contact Yet

Reading manager Brian McDermott has rejected talk of a bid from Bournemouth for Oli Norwood, but admits a formal approach would be hard to turn down.

Martin Willetts/Getty Images

As Wimb and GetReading's Charles Watts discussed in last week's podcast extra, the Premier League outfit are reportedly tracking the midfielder, along with Jake Cooper and Jordan Obita, with view to a £3 million bid for Norwood.

However, Brian McDermott has dismissed the notion that the Cherries have already opened negotiations for Norwood.

BM on a Bournemouth bid:
"No, nothing as far as I'm concerned."

BM on Norwood leaving:
"If a Premier League team comes in for one of our players, history suggests they go. It's difficult to stand in their way."

BM on a new contract for Norwood:
"That's a conversation between Oli and the club. We have two games to go and after that we'll see where we are."

BM on Norwood in general:
"I like Oli, he's a good lad and we have a good relationship. I want him to become a real leader."

There we are, then.

Ultimately, Norwood's future hinges on his performances at Euro 2016. If he impresses, he'll be off. Although, excelling in France this summer should ensure the Royals pick up a decent tab on the Northern Irishman, and many of the Madejski faithful would be surprised to see him go on to great things, like these lot.

Of course, these comments don't rule out the idea that Bournemouth are scouting Norwood, along with a few other promising Royals. However, the Cherries are probably scouting an immeasurable amount of players at the moment, so that may not mean much.

Do you see Norwood departing for pastures new in the summer? Comment below.