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Michael Hector Finds Missing Lucas Piazon Back At Chelsea FC

Chelsea midfielder Lucas Piazon has been found alive and well at Chelsea Football Club's training ground. Michael Hector, who found him, will remain with him.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

At the end of August, highly rated Brazilian midfielder Lucas Piazon was loaned out by Chelsea FC to Championship side Reading FC. To keep their player company, the former "Champions of Europe" signed Reading defender Michael Hector and ordered him to look after Piazon until it was time for him to return to Stamford Bridge.

It seemed a fail proof plan and at first seemed to work. But with the onset of winter there were worrying rumours that Piazon had gone missing. There were occasional sights of the player, most notably in a FA Cup match against West Bromwich Albion, but for the last few months there have been widespread fears that the player had gone missing.

There were rumours that his continuing selection by Reading manager Brian McDermott was a ruse to fool Chelsea in to thinking the Berkshire club knew his whereabouts. Reading fans questioned all admitted surprise that he was supposed to have started games for their team and confirmed they had had no sightings of the player for months.

Thankfully today news has emerged that Piazon has been found. Reading had sent Hector back to Chelsea to tell his parent club that the Royals had lost their player.

It has emerged that upon entering Cobham Training Ground, Hector found Piazon hiding in a cupboard. The Brazilian had feared Hector was at Cobham to take him back to Reading.

After listening to his fears it has been decided by all parties that it is best that not only Piazon stays at Chelsea, but Hector does too to keep Piazon company. Chelsea FC did not confirm whether they would use Reading FC loan services again.