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VFTTE: Nottingham Forest Fan On Relegation Worries, Vydra Threat , Osborn & More

Like one of those slow trains you get out of Paddington at 1am on a Friday night, our Championship season slowly works its way to the finish line with the visit of Nottingham Forest. Here's what we can expect from them tonight.

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This week's View From The Town End comes courtesy of David from our Nottingham Forest SB Nation buddies at In the Top One. So here's what David makes of tonight's game with Reading at Madejski Stadium.

How would you sum up Forest's season so far?

Like when you're sat at the back of a maths lesson on something really hard like quadratic equations and you are really trying to understand but the teacher just drones on and on, seemingly unconscious that there is anyone else in the room with them. So you start getting a bit fidgety, maybe start throwing things. It's not that you are usually like this - in fact, you've been a model student since forever but this lesson, man, this is really testing your patience and desire to learn.

It's been a hard season.

You're on to another manager, this time Paul Williams until at least the end of the season. Has he done anything to convince you he deserves the job full-time?

In short, no. There appeared to be an ever so slight improvement in his first game in charge - a draw up at Hull - and there was a half decent first half performance at Derby but then...cripes. Saturday's pummeling at the hands of Brentford has got us all scrutinising the league table into the wee hours of the morning.

In fairness to him, it's not his fault. The club is run with all the care and forethought that you'd expect from a toddler repeatedly bashing a toy hammer at stuff in order to get it to work.

Like us you're drifting hopelessly around mid-table island, so what are early expectations for next season?

Without wishing to sound alarmist, I'm not quite sure we are drifting around in mid-table. It might look that way but performances suggest we are flailing around in the water, desperately hoping for someone to throw us a rope.

In the last 7 home games (since Bolton on 16th January), Forest have lost 5, drawn 1 and won 1, scoring only 2 goals.

The last 2 home games have been 3-0 defeats.

Since the 1-0 win at Leeds on 6th February, Forest have played 9 (*nine) games in which they have won 1, drawn 1 and lost 7. In that time, the team have managed just 3 goals. That's 1 goal every 3 games.

Away from home, we're just very very dull. Or, if you're tonking us, highly amusing.

Looking ahead to next season: the summer ahead is shaping up to be a defining one in the club's history. For the 5th consecutive summer, we start from scratch by utterly demolishing and rebuilding the squad. A number of players, including a lot of high earners - are out of contract and the raft of loanees with whom we have limped through the season, will depart.

On top of that, it is yet to be seen whether we will break free from the shackles of the transfer embargo we have endured for a 18 months as a result of FFP. The club seem to think we will; not everyone is convinced.

Almost forgot - we have no idea who the manager will be. Nobody does - check out the bookies' various lists - they don't have a clue either. It won't be Nigel Pearson or Martin O'Neill. It might be Nigel Clough but it probably won't be.

Nope. No idea.

To top all that off, we will (probably) continue to be run by a man who doesn't appear to have the first clue about how to run a football club, which is a tad problematic since this is exactly what it says on his job description.

Any Forest player we should be worried about?

We've got some great(ish) players but I wouldn't go as far as saying that you should be worried about them.

Benny Osborn is a wonderful little footballer but having deployed him wide on the left, it looks like we might have managed to break him.

David Vaughan in midfield (yes, that David Vaughan - he's still going. Yes, the one who used to play for Blackpool when they were good. Yes, the one that scored that screamer for Sunderland up at Newcastle) is also a lovely footballer who will tackle until the cows come home (no idea what that means) but he's looking increasingly frustrated.

Young Oliver Burke made his debut for Scotland last week and is a direct and speedy winger. So we chucked him up top as a lone target man on Saturday. Obviously.

Chris Cohen is still a magnificent human being who is feeling his way back into the first team after a series of serious injuries. If you even look at him in a slightly inquisitive manner, you will feel our wrath.

You should be worried about your sides requiring stitches should we start with Federico Macheda up front.

Any Reading player who's impressed you?

Neil Webb was a hero of mine when I was younger. Heard good things about that Robin Friday too. Trevor Senior knew where the net was too. have Anton Ferdinand with you? How's that going?

Matej Vydra loves a goal against us so that's worrying. It amazes me that Garath McCleary hasn't bagged one against us yet. His time will surely come.

Score prediction?

You will score at least one goal while we almost certainly will not.

On the other hand, football is such an unpredictable game that it is fixtures like these when the players' backs are against the walls and they need to come out fighting with a point to prove that.....nah....can't see us getting anything.

Finally, who are you tipping to go up and down this season?

Bolton are gone. Charlton are really struggling. That leaves one more place up for grabs.

Bristol City, Rotherham and Huddersfield are all improving and on an upwards trajectory. Fulham and MK Dons are both highly unpredictable. The truth is that we have yet to travel to Rotherham and Fulham and just for laughs, travel to MK Dons on the final day of the season. Can you see the fear in our eyes now?

In truth, one win and couple of draws would see us hobble over the the line but as it stands, it's so hard to see how we are ever going to score a goal while avoiding the concession of one over the course of a ninety minute football match.