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Reading FC Tweets Of The Week: 106 Season Celebrations, Aaron Kuhl Awkwardness And Babies

Business as usual.

After the horror show that was the last edition of Tweets of the Week, you'll be pleased to know I've been put in my place and will revert to type. Fortunately, type is fairly entertaining (well, it is for me…) and far less controversial. Which can only be a good thing.

The last 'proper' edition of Tweets of the Week was on March 2. That's over a month ago. Much like the majority of Reading fans, I just haven't felt up to it. But I'm up to it now. Or, I've been forced to be by the Editor or else he threatened to reveal my identity to the world. So here we are.

A month and five days since the last Tweets of the Week (Proper), let's play catch up!

Over a month ago, Aaron Kuhl made an observation about his game face.

About a month ago, young Josh Barrett made his debut.

About a month ago, bearded hipster (no offence) JSK felt a bit of a sing song coming on.

About a montho ago, so did TTE editor Bucks. What's got into these guys?

About a month ago, MUG.

Less than a month ago, this is what Stephen Hunt looked like.

Less than a month ago, GetReading reporter Charles Watts met his second child. N'awww.

Less than a month ago, a TTE writer had a baby getting a sneak peek pre-publish.

Not so long ago, Jack Mansell passed away. #ThanksJack

Not so long ago, we were introduced to The Sum Of The Parts.

Not so long ago, the Reading FC Hall of Fame was created.

And then a fan's forum. Which sounds positive.

Not so long ago, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the 106 point season.

Not so long ago: MASTERMIND.

Not so long ago, Aaron Kuhl had an awkward moment with his mum.

Not so long ago, Jack Stacey made his debut and scored a goal for Carlisle.

Not so long ago, Robson-Kanu was on A Question of Sport.

Not so long ago, TTE turned 5.

The greatest Tweet of 2016 so far.


The Royals have made it to the big time.

And we'll end with a plea.

That's your lot.

Phew, that went without much controversy, didn't it?