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Twitter And Media Reaction To Blackburn Rovers Defeat

Last game of the season, lovely sunny day, inflatables all round, anyone tell Reading they where meant to turn up?

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After 46 league games the curtain came down with a whimper at Ewood Park. In reality the game meant very little, the lofty heights of 14th in the league seemed to be a target, one which was found wanting in the end.

The Royals haven’t performed since March, and there are now many questions surrounding the players, the management and the owners.

In fairness this game meant little to either side, Paul Lambert's last game for Rovers meant that they had a little to play for and it showed.

As usual I have scoured the Twittersphere trying to find the poignant parts of the game, and once again owners come up on the menu. I mentioned in the Charlton Alternative View that Reading could point to some comfort with our owners; I mean to be fair there are a lot worse out there!

The main points today are the Venkys, appreciation of Leicester's phenomenal performance this season, and fans doing their bit, whether it’s Nathan’s walk for Daisy’s Dream (@Daisys_Dream) or the applause for Poppy Mai Barnard (@PoppyMaiBarnard). It’s good to see fans supporting superb causes.


A lesson in how to run a football club

There’s probably 10 teams which would say the same

Voicing frustration

A thought felt by many fans

Try watching Reading

For all those calling for #McDermottOUT

Local rivalry

Simply fan power


As you can pretty much imagine, there was scant coverage of this game given that it took meaningless to a whole new level.

However, what was around wasn’t particularly good from a Reading point of view, and the media outlet’s where pretty scathing in there verdicts of our performance.

Starting with the SkySports coverage and this is a season record – 56 seconds of action. That pretty much rounds up how dismal a game it was. However, it must be said that Rovers and Reading did score some nice goals, admittedly helped by some woeful defending. There report goes on to say that Rovers were dominant and that the game was more noticeable for the home fans voicing their displeasure at the Venkys' reign.

The BBC follow similar vein, however they do praise Kermorgant's superb free kick. They acknowledge that there was nothing to play for but pride (Reading take note), and it showed.

Over with the nationals and the Daily Express is pretty much the only outlet picking the game up. We get a whole six lines – in summary to brilliant volleys, excellent free kick and a tap in.

Clubcall and ESPN FC both take lazy to the extreme, not even bothering to change words this week from Sky’s report.

Local outlets and understandably The Lancashire Telegraph are happy to finish on a high calling it an underwhelming campaign, calling Reading second best for the whole game.

Charles Watts over at GetReading sums it up perfectly – "a miserable end to a miserable season". His video summation is cutting, saying what most of the fans are thinking: things need to change and quite rightly points to Aston Villa as what happens when you flirt with the relegation spots once too often.


And that’s your lot. Another season over, another season that showed early promise but ultimately a hollow one. There will be some soul searching amongst the players, the management and the owners, but as fans we have to remember that this is our club and we have to support the team no matter how easy it is to say "not this year".

It’s been a pleasure doing this article for you this season (regardless of the soul destroying tweets that I have to read from jubilant opposition fans for most of it!) and hopefully I will be back next season (editor willing)!

Have a good summer one and all and enjoy the Euros!

C'mon Urzzzz!