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Reading FC Away Days: Best Of 2015/16

It's been a pretty up-and-down (and-down-and-down) kinda season. @Higgy16 regales the tale of Away Days' 2015/16, from their TTE debut to actually seeing a win!

This season has been pretty disappointing to say the least. We beat Burnley away (as you will see in the video) and were second. But no, we ended up in 17th place and let's face it, were one the biggest disappointments of the league.

Away games wise though, we actually enjoyed them. Some personal favourites were: Brentford, Portsmouth, Charlton and QPR. The games in which we brought an atmosphere we seemed to play well. Brentford was up there for the atmosphere alone (along with a 3-1 win and our debut here on The Tilehurst End).

Portsmouth was fun because the atmosphere once again was rocking, but the fact that it was a Tuesday night and a cup game helped that one feel a little bit special. Charlton and QPR were both enjoyable for the same reasons, but the performances were ones to savour as well. The latter games seemed to be the only time we bring an atmosphere though, and that needs to change.

Conversely, some of the less-fun away games came in the form of Colchester, Blackburn and Cardiff. These all speak for themselves. Colchester saw us take 115 minutes to score against a relegation-doomed side in League One, and it was our right back, of all people, who scored. Blackburn was dreadful, much like in the Welsh capital, there was little to inspire.

Of course, thank you to everyone who has watched and supported us over the season and to everyone who commented there's a big thanks to you too. But we roll onto next season and hope to expand more content and even more away days next year. Thanks again!