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Daily Telegraph Says Reading FC Fans Chant Is Best In The Championship

A Beatles cover, a dance floor classic and a gangster rap parody, but the Royals fans effort still makes it into the 10 best football chants of the season.

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It's the end of season football awards season when journalists and pundits give their opinion on the best players, goals, managers and more in the season that just finished (that is if football season's ever finish these days).

For the last two years the name Reading has been quite rightly been nowhere to see, up until now. On Wednesday the Daily Telegraph revealed their 10 best football chants this season and there's a Reading chant included.

Yes you read that right, a Reading chant has been included. Not since 1999/2000, when we were voted the best fans in the third tier, has our support received such plaudits.

It will come as no surprise that the chant included is the Ola John and Lucas Piazon one.

Kudos to Jamie Butler for coming up with it on a cold Tuesday night in Rotherham (hang on wasn't that when our season went tits up!? Maybe we've finally found the reason why we didn't storm to promotion).

The original song is the children's classic song "I am the music man".

Here are the original lyrics:

I am the music man,

I come from down your way

And I can play. What can you play?

I play the piano.

Pia- Pia- piano, piano, piano,

Pia- pia- piano, pia- piano.

I am the music man,

I come from down your way

And I can play. What can you play?

I play the violin.

Vio- vio- violin, violin, violin,

Of course the big question is which player(s) will takeover the song next season. And will Reading fans ever learn the full song?