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Reading FC Pre-Madejski Stadium Home Kits World Cup 1957-63 v 1996-98

In the first clash of our Home Kits World Cup, we look at the last ever Elm Park kit versus a classic from the 50s and 60s.

In honour of Euro 2016 and the annual new home kit that will arrive in July, we have decided to run a competition to find your favourite pre-Madejski Stadium home kit. We have chosen 16 kits, and they come in different colours, designs and centuries. Let battle commence!


Reading FC 1961-62 Team Photo

Credit: Chris Lee

This is a classic. About as nice and simple as you can get. White shorts and socks with a hooped shirt with the requisite number of hoops.

It was worn for six seasons in a time when we never left the third tier and never finished higher than fifth. The best known players to have worn this kit were Maurice Evans, Ray Reeves and Jimmy Wheeler.


Designed by Mizuno, they were rumours in the summer of 1996 that the Royals would ditch the hoops and return to stripes for their last ever kit at Elm Park. Thankfully the change never happened and instead Mizuno managed to make a nod to the past by including stripes within the hoops.

Any shirt with Auto Trader feels like a classic. It's certainly a unique design if only for the massive badge. Shirts back in the 90s seemed to be very baggy. Or at least that's how Steve Swales liked it.

Boom boom boom let me hear you say Swales!

Steve Swales Craig Prentis / Allsport

The final day for voting will be 11 June.