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Reading FC Tweets Of The Week: The Season Is Finally Over

Including a wonderful pun, a worrying insight behind the scenes and more fun than you can shake a clapper at.

Reading v Leeds United - Sky Bet Football League Championship Photo by Martin Willetts/Getty Images

Well, thank goodness for that. Another season draws to a spluttering close and Reading fans across the land breathe a hefty sigh of relief.

They'll also be breathing a big sigh of relief because that means Tweets of the Week will be finishing for the 2015/16 season. Phew.

Of course, that doesn't mean much seeing as the last Tweets of the Week came out on May 5. Yes, a whole 21 days has passed since the last one.

"Get on with it!" I hear you cry. Okay, then. Pushy…

Back at the start of the month, Fosu was named Sky Bet League Two Player of the Month for April. #bringbackFosu

Comparing Reading to Leicester was never going to be favourable.

You can't help but agree.

Hold your heads high, Reading fans. We've still got the record.

Stats don't lie, right?

Top man. Not a top player, but a top man.

Cox makes the hall of fame. Kinda.


Say half the fans. The other half still ain't sure.

Big congratulations to Nath, who walked to the Blackburn game in the name of charity. Hero.

Bye bye.

Interesting. It's the hope that hurts the most.

Goodbye, Upton park/Boleyn Ground.

Your weekly (or every-21-daily) dose of nostalgia.

Tinpot picnic palaver.

Former Academy graduate Ryan Edwards met THE Claudio Ranieri.


TTE blowing The Royals' trumpet. Topical.

McDermott mc-do-not-keep-coaches.

Fun summer ahead, boys.



That's it. Done. Get out of here, you scamps.