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Reading FC Cancel Pre-Season Tour Of Slovenia

Somewhat under the radar, the Royals have gone back on their initial idea of a summer in Slovenia, allowing for friendlies in more luxurious surroundings; Swindon, Boreham Wood.

Not today, Reading fans. Not today.
Not today, Reading fans. Not today.
John Gichigi/Getty Images

Clearly haunted by their experiences with Slovenian defender Jure Travner, Reading have cancelled plans to take a pre-season tour of the left-back's homeland.

As confirmed by the club, somewhat on the sly after burying it in an article about playing a League One team from Wales, Reading will not be taking to Lake Bled, Mairbor, and Sneznik, this summer.

The best reasoning the anonymously-posted club statement of-sorts gives, is as follows.

The club have taken the decision not to embark on an overseas pre-season tour this summer.

Despite preliminary discussions about potentially taking the squad away as part of our summer preparations, with the focus now fully set on building a new-look squad and binding together a new group of players, it was agreed that it would better serve the squad to be primed for 2016-17 with more time on the training pitch at Hogwood Park and a series of away fixtures in this country which many more of our supporters will be able to attend - as well as a Madejski Stadium curtain-raiser which we hope to announce very shortly.

We've been there before. Hell, even last year, we went to Thailand. But this summer there's no cramming Deniss Rakels and Aaron Tshibola into the back of the car and heading to mainland Europe. For whatever reason, the bankrupt club have decided to holiday at home.

Of course, this is not necessarily a bad sign. The club could be taking a well-meaning decision to reduce travelling times, turn our focus to local matches against teams more similar to Championship opponents, or make way for announcing a bumper tour of Western Africa.

Sadly, this stinks of a cost-cutting exercise. Indeed, there was no pre-season tour in 2014, the summer the taxman almost wound the club up. Furthemore, Google searching 'Cancelled pre-season tour' brings up one common denominator: Blackpool. Yikes.