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Reading FC Pre-Madejski Stadium Home Kits World Cup 1953-55 v 1981-83

Next up in our Home Kits World Cup is our first ever kit with a badge and our first ever kit with a sponsor. Who says we don't do history here on The Tilehurst End!?


You probably knew Reading once worse stripes, but did you know that for two seasons our home shirt was plain white with a blue collar? It seems a very un-Reading kit though it is actually quite a historic one.

Our new kit in 1953 not only signalled a change in kit design, but was also the first time we wore a badge on our shirt. The badge itself is rather bland and was ditched after just a year. It would be another 12 years before a Reading kit would again sport a badge.

First ever Reading FC badge

53/54 Team Photo

Credit: Chris Lee


Our second kit is another historic one. When it was introduced for the 1981/82 season it became just the third kit and season that Reading wore a badge, and it was the third different design.

Third Reading FC badge

Unlike the previous two versions, this one is still remembered by fans today, and the badge the club wore for our last two seasons at Elm Park was heavily influenced by it.

Our second season wearing this kit was the first time we ever had a sponsor on our shirt and, as you can see, it was the Reading Chronicle who had the honour. They and the hoops were ditched at the end of the season, and it would be nine years before Reading would once again don the hoops.

83/83 Team Photo

Credit: Chris Lee

The final day for voting will be 11 June.

If you have enjoyed seeing these wonderful historic photos please do check out Chris Lee's excellent website which is an absolute treasure trove of material for Reading fans.