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OPINION: Reading FC Sacking McDermott Is The Next Step In Killing The Club

Just 161 days after being thrown a second chance to lead the Royals, Brian McDermott has been sacked as Reading manager. Is this the right decision? Marc thinks not.

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Reading Football Club is stumbling through the woods. It's lost, lonely, and is looking worryingly thin after two years in the wilderness. In a desperate attempt to solve the situation, it hacks off it's right arm.

That is the stage we're at, here in Berkshire, as those who love the club watch on as it closes it's eyes while finding a way home, and self-mutilates in an attempt at finding a cure. It was McDermott's fault, the club screams, as it strolls blindly towards the cliff edge.

Thoughts on McDermott leaving? Comment below.

Thing's change fast in football. You can be yesterday's man at the blink of an eye, and tomorrow's heroes are so often just a day away. That keeps it exciting, and fresh. But, when a club is so unwilling to understand the recognised process that has provided glory for teams across the country, it becomes clueless, and untrustworthy.

I simply cannot trust the club hierarchy to make the right decisions in 2016. Power battles and politics dominate behind the scenes as those who back the Thai owners throw their weight against those who hedge their bets on the next dynasty, and those who get on with it regardless.

Nick Hammond strikes as a man who gets on with the job at hand, give him a budget and he'll buy and sell like the best you've ever known. Now, he's gone. Brian McDermott strikes as a man who gets on with the job at hand, provide a squad and he'll drive them towards a common goal. Now, he's gone.

There is simply no smoke without fire, if Brian was the issue, why had the squad collapsed down the table after going 2-0 at Fulham in October? If Clarke was the issue, why had the squad collapsed from play-off contenders to mid-table mediocrity? If Adkins was the issue, why had the squad not challenged to stay in the Premier League?

Among all these managers, there are a few common denominators that are the real reason Reading is on the verge of being a crisis club.

The players are, on the whole, crap. Finishing 19th and 17th is the clearest evidence you'll need that the likes of Danny Williams, Chris Gunter, Jordan Obita, you name it, are simply not good enough.

In addition, the club structure is mystifyingly complicated. How controlling are the Thais? Who runs the club day-to-day? Where's the money coming from? What roles do people like Brian Tevreden have? We simply know none of this.

I'm not suggesting that McDermott was holding this club together, and I'm not defending a run of one point in his last seven games, but to fire him is akin to sacking a janitor because he hasn't cleaned up all the shit you've poured everywhere.

Then there's the logistics, we all know the Royals are tight for spending money, having had to pay off two relatively-expensive managers along with a host of transfer flops, and as one of the highest agent fee-payers in the league. Well, now we're paying off a third manager.

That third manager was the only one to really discuss a club identity, something that has been badly lacking for years, and yet has just been smashed to even smaller pieces.

Whoever comes in must solve our identity crisis, but I fear they'll be a puppet for a group of people running the club who don't know what they're doing.

And it'll be the same old story. They'll give the squad a chance, make some luxurious sounding signings, ultimately fail because of what we've just discussed, and get sacked. Rinse and repeat.

Yet, eventually the cracks will grow bigger, and the club will truly be in crisis, potentially facing relegation amongst a toxic atmosphere, falling attendances, and growing financial concerns. Ultimately, this is one huge step taking Reading FC closer to being yet another, soulless, identikit, crap, club.

Meanwhile, BucksRoyal has given his thoughts on why it was the correct decision to say farewell to Brian. Who do you agree with? Let us know below.