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Reading FC's Stephen Quinn Gives His Take On The Season

Reading's combative midfielder has spoken out on a number of interesting topics.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

It's been a very disappointing season for Reading, certainly so for summer arrival Stephen Quinn, who's ended up ultimately trading Premier League football for a mid-table finish in the Championship. And, judging by his recent comments, his frustration is evident. Speaking to Get Reading, the Irishman emphasised the club's need to rebuild the squad.

On transfers

"It's down to the owners. Hopefully they give the manager some backing and we can go out and recruit some good lads, solid players for this division, because it needs hard work throughout the season, not just bits and bobs.

It's the toughest league probably out there in the world. It's difficult to play so many games throughout the season, Saturday, Tuesday, and then when the winter comes you go to some tough places.

We need players who are here for the long haul, good battling, good lads, we need to get a good squad together and hopefully give it a lash next season."

On how this season compares to his time at Hull

"Over the last few years I've always been battling for something - promotions, or obviously last year with Hull trying to stay in the Premier League. So it's very disappointing to be a middle of the road team and it's hard to accept.

It's pretty much over now in that we aren't playing for anything, so we just need to regroup and hopefully recruit well in the summer and hopefully go again next year."

On the Reading supporters

"They have come down in their droves this season even when the performances and results haven't been great. We wanted to send them off with a bit of positivity for next season so it was disappointing to lose the [Preston] game."

What all of this means for Reading

Quinn knows that Reading's squad needs reinforcements this summer, and also that it's up to the owners to make that happen - so nothing that complicated. However, it's interesting that he also seems frustrated by the transfer strategy that was used in 2015/16. References to bringing in players for the 'long haul' suggests that Quinn thinks - like us - that having six loanees in the squad doesn't help the overall balance.

Ironically, Quinn's previous experiences in his career are very similar to Reading's previous experiences. At least in the sense that neither Quinn nor Reading are used to having nothing to play for at the end of a league season. I might be reading too much into this, but that comment implies (to me at least) that Quinn will be extra-motivated to prevent that from happening next season.

You can find the original article, from Get Reading, here.