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Reading FC Tweets Of The Week: Nicky Hammond And Final Home Game Of The Season

Are you not (mildly) entertained?!

Madejski Stadium

The Royals have played their final home game of the 2015/16 season, thankfully. No longer do we have to put ourselves through the agony of watching football that would put a Duracell bunny to sleep.

Yet even when the football on the pitch fails to entertain, if there is one absolute truth in this world, it is that Twitter always entertains. Okay, sometimes entertains. Okay, occasionally entertains.

Let the mildly entertaining Tweets of the Week begin…

We start with The Royals' two Chelsea loanees being recalled early. And then this tweet went out.

Nath st Paul's mammoth Reading to Blackburn fundraiser started this week.

G'wan, Nath!

What do we always have in Tweets of the Week? That's right, nostalgia.

This week, some pretty big news broke. Nicky Hammond has left the club. Dun dun DUNNNN.

That went down well, then.

Final home game, lap of appreciation, big emotiona—oh.

Last week, we brought you Fosu's flamey flicks. Now we bring you a chant in a McDonald's. (Other greasy, fatty, fast food chains are available.)

Yes, it does.

Depressing. Oh so very depressing.

Congratulations, Leicester. But…


Little going in hard on Arsenal.

And Kev Watson goes in hard on Cristiano.

That's your lot.