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Reading FC Away Days: Blackburn Rovers

To round off the season, Reading FC Away Days send in their video log of an ultimately disappointing trip to Ewood Park. Check out Higgy16's review of the day below.

An absolute shambles is how I can describe that performance. The players looked like they didn't care, the atmosphere was just dead and the passion from the team seemed to have completely gone.

The journey to begin with, was dreadful. Not only was it 5/6 hours, it was also a 12:30 kick-off. That meant a very early start, and we were up at 04:45. Way too early.

The game was absolutely dreadful. From top to bottom, Reading were awful and we didn't deserve to get the win, the players out there clearly didn't perform for the 400 odd fans that travelled up to Ewood Park. They didn't try one bit. I think personally that some of the players had one eye on Euro 2016, and the others had there heads down in brochures looking for their holidays.

One player who was up for criticism is Chris Gunter, the man did not play to his potential and every opportunity he would get with the ball, he would either pass it sideways or lose it completely.  Garath McCleary was not up to scratch and I was so happy to see the debut of Rob Dickie, but the man is not a right-back. He's been at Cheltenham Town playing central defence and Brian decided to stick him out on the right.

We need a shape up in the summer and either see a manager change or Brian needs to bring some big signings in to win back the faith of the fans, players and, most importantly for him, the board.

PS. Just a quick thanks to everyone who's taken the time to read out articles and watch the videos this season. We hope to bring a lot more next year and grow even more. Thanks a lot everyone!