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Reading FC Pre-Madejski Stadium Home Kits World Cup 1969-74 v 1991-92

Could this be the easiest decision yet for you: one of our all time classic kits up against possibly our ugliest home kit ever.


I have a confession to admit. I'm writing this article wearing this shirt so I might be a little biased. Not that it's hard to be biased. Bob Lenarduzzi looks the epitome of cool in the below photo.

Bob Lenarduzzi

Credit: Chris Lee

This kit was worn for four years and is so iconic it's on sale in the club shop. Being worn by Robin Friday probably helped edge it into Reading folklore. The only criticism might be that there are too many hoops which makes it look a bit like a QPR shirt. In fact I have a friend who has a retro QPR shirt which the badge aside is exactly the same.


The infamous TV signal kit was a perfect example of how crazy early 90s football kits could sometimes be. From a distance this just looks like a simple white shirt with navy shorts and socks. Up close it hurts your eyes.

This kit lasted just one year and was our last non-hooped home kit. Sometimes football kits can be so bad, they're good. I'm not sure this is the case with this kit.

Brendan Rodgers

Credit: Chris Lee

The final day for voting will be 11 June.

If you have enjoyed seeing these wonderful historic photos please do check out Chris Lee's excellent website which is an absolute treasure trove of material for Reading fans.