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Carabao Signs Three-Year Deal As Reading FC Shirt Sponsor

Thai energy drink Carabao will be the main shirt sponsor on both home and away kits for the next three years.

Reading have come up with some pretty interesting ways of defining their relationship with the Thais, and today we were told of a new 'Principal Partner', aka shirt sponsorship deal.

Via the official club website, we are informed of a three-year deal that is playfully/agonisingly marked down as "Jaap Stam's first big signing." There's even a photo of the big man himself, shaking hands with Matt LeBlanc from the future.

Of course, the Thai energy drink bottle that's sold in Calpol bottles in Thailand has been the Royals' shirt sponsor for a full year now. But, this deal is a strengthening of that bond. Firstly, the split home/away kit sponsorship appears to have gone, with Thai Airways dropped for Carabao's logo on the away kit.

In addition, it will appear on all Under-21s', Womens', and training kits. Interestingly, the club note that Carabao will be the sole shirt sponsor for these teams, but not the first-team, suggesting a back-of-the-neck style additional sponsorship that we've seen in the past.

That's pretty much it, aside from some management-speak quotes on the official website. Apparently Carabao's "on a mission to broaden the appeal of energy drinks," perhaps by assassinating Red Bull, I dunno I didn't read the whole text. It's here.