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Brian Tevreden Suggests That Reading Will Not Splash The Cash This Summer

The Royals' Technical Director has given an interview to the local press about transfer activity in Berkshire this summer.

After Nigel Howe claimed Reading will need further investment and Jaap Stam discussed conservative transfers earlier this week, Technical Director Brian Tevreden is the latest to speak about the club's transfer activity this summer.

In an interview with the Reading Chronicle, the Dutchman criticised the amount of money the owners spent last season, which included paying £2 million to sign Matej Vydra on loan for the season. Tevreden said:

“To be fair, I hear a lot of things about money, but if you look back Reading has spent a lot of money. Last season we spent ridiculous money and we underachieved.

“I think it’s best to do things in a good way and have a good mix of talented and experienced players which is always important in the Championship.

“But money doesn’t guarantee success, so you have to do it in a different way. That’s why the owners have made this change and brought in Jaap Stam. I have a very good feeling about it.”

It is news that is likely to disappoint the majority of Royals fans, and adds to fears that there is actually very little money avalible at the Madejski Stadium. Although the Thais are reportedly looking for extra cash from other sources, even if they get it, it seems we won't see any club record transfers any time soon.

With FFP constantly a threat this is completely understandable, whilst teams such as Ipswich Town, Brentford and Birmingham have proved that you don't have to spend shed-loads of money to fight for the play-offs in recent seasons.

Tevreden's statement also reinforces the suggestion that Reading will be looking 'outside the box' so to speak for new players this summer, with scouts based around Europe. Players in the English leagues are always severely overpriced, and players of similar quality in countries such as Poland (e.g Deniss Rakels) or the Netherlands (e.g Danzell Gravenberch) are undoubtedly cheaper.

Shareholder Sumrith 'Tiger' Thanakarnjanasuth discussed a potential transfer strategy earlier this month, and Tevreden also mentioned a plan for success:

“Reading has a very good reputation as a club with a good academy,” he explained. “People are very warm and they work very hard. If we do things the right way, I really believe we can achieve great things.

“This summer is going to be an important one for us. That is why we took our time in appointing Jaap.

“Now we have a very clear plan about the future and the structure of the club. We will try our best to achieve promotion next season, but you have to do things in steps.”

He also spoke about his relationship with former Director of Football Nick Hammond, who left for West Bromwich Albion amidst reports that his role had become redundant in Berkshire after the arrival of Tevreden. However, the 34 year old insists he speaks regularly to his predecessor:

“I have worked very closely with Nick. I have more international connections and we talk a lot on the phone.

“He asks me my opinion of players from a West Brom point of view and I ask him about players in the Championship because I also value his opinion.

“The relationship between us is very, very tight and Nick is a very good guy.”

What are your thoughts on Tevreden's statements? Let us know in the comments below.